In Las Vegas, there are many companies who offer Paver Sealing Services.

A quick Google search yielded over 50 companies that are Power Washing businesses that offer Paver Sealing on the side. This is a red flag to consumer confidence. The State of Nevada does not require a Contractor's License to Power wash, with no price restrictions.

Many of those companies have Paver Sealing pages on their websites. Some of them even created names similar to ours. In the past several months I have had clients contact me to fix the mistakes that the unlicensed business did. Often times a landscaper will offer the service but only do a handful of jobs over the years and lack the knowledge to achieve the demanded results.

We always welcome competition as it creates a standard to achieve greatness in our industry. As long as they do the right thing, get proper training, and hold a contractors license so you, as a consumer have rights in the event of a disaster job. It happens all the time. 

Things to consider when hiring a Paver Sealing Company:

  • Do they Have a Contractors License to Specifically Seal Pavers?
  • Insurance?
  • Bonded?
  • Do they seal exclusively or do many other types of services?
  • Is sealing an add-on to the work they are doing?
  • Do they have all of the right equipment?
  • Where do they buy the sealers?
  • What training do they have?
  • What experience do they have?
  • Do they have a list of clients or reviews online?
  • Does their website focus on sealing or is it a button?
  • If they do not have a surface cleaner for power washing, they do not seal.
  • If they do not generally spray the sealer, they do not seal.
  • If they spray with a handheld pump up sprayer, they do not seal.
  • If they do not wash in the sand, or do not offer it, they do not seal.
  • If they charge more for additional coats of sealer, they do not seal.
  • If they do not charge by the square foot, they do not seal.
  • Lastly, if they have to come back the next day after washing to seal, they do not seal.

Basically Ask the right questions when hiring a Paver Sealing Business so you are protected and will get the long lasting results you are paying for. We understand Paver Sealing is not exactly a required step to paver installation but is the industry standard to protect and enhance your investment. 

Nevada Contractor C4a-Limited to Water Based sealing of Pavers and Concrete #0086437