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  • A destroyed stamped concrete pool deck.

    A destroyed stamped concrete pool deck.

    This totally destroyed stamped concrete pool deck was quite a challenge, but after serious hard work stripping the finish and cleaning completely, it now looks like new, fully restored and full off color and shine!
  • Specialty Coatings

    Specialty Coatings

    Years of Tire marks and stains, washed and coated to restore it back to new!
  • So you do not like the wet look?

    So you do not like the wet look?

    That's ok, we have it handled. Our Natural Luster will seal your pavers without enhancing the over tone and color of your area!
  • Dull pavers fully restored!

    Dull pavers fully restored!

    A beautiful driveway brought back to life, no more tire marks and loss of color!
  • Restored Pavers from years of water stains and discoloration.

    Restored Pavers from years of water stains and discoloration.

    Contact us for a proper restoration of those worn out old looking pavers with a full process of strip and seal. Amazing Results!
  • Do you have a Paver Driveway?

    Do you have a Paver Driveway?

    Paver Sealing Vegas- Power wash, and revitalize those pavers to look new again. We work all year round!
  • Commercial Entry Areas, Restored!

    Commercial Entry Areas, Restored!

    We restore commercial gated entries at your community, removing years of tire marks and oil, enhancing color, and protecting the area from future abuse, making it easier to maintain and keep the area beautiful!
  • Paver Sealing Vegas is your only choice

    Paver Sealing Vegas is your only choice

    From cleaning to rejuvenation and making it all look new, we are the only choice. It is all we do!
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Power Wash and Restore

Power Washing and Restoration is ALL we do!

What a difference!
We ONLY power wash and enhance pavers, stone, concrete on walkways, patios, driveways, and pool areas. Our price is based on square footage no surprises or upsells. Our low rates are possible by low overhead and no hired part time staff. Professionally trained and certified technician. The original, Paver Sealing Vegas.
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Friday, August 23, 2019 9177
7/10/2019 This was the first company I called and after meeting with the owner and getting a quote I booked immediately. My pavers look amazing now and I am so happy I had them sealed. It made a huge difference. It is nice to find an honest company who does what they say they are going to do on the day and time they say they are going to do it! Thank you!!!

Samples of Our Work Over the Years

Paver Sealing Vegas will enhance your driveway, patio, pool area as well as we specialize in restoration, from dingy old stamped concrete to faded pebble tech, dull pavers or sealer turned bad. A simple call to 702-701-0388 and we will return the old to new again!
Stained Concrete
Pool Areas
Intense Cleaning
Strip Old Sealer
Massive Driveway
Stamped concrete recoated
Stamped concrete sealed and non slip added
Sometimes we get homes side by side!
Color enhanced driveway
Restored Stamped Concrete
Nice enhancement
Resealed from 4 years ago
Pebbletech restored
Pebbletech Close up restored
Retainer Wall Protection

Retainer Wall Protection

Efflo Removal and Prevention
Paver Sealing VegasLook like a million dollar property

Paver Sealing Vegas
Look like a million dollar property

Infinite Possibilities
StripRemove that old sealer

Remove that old sealer

Stained ConcreteDisappear in the reflection

Stained Concrete
Disappear in the reflection

A Super Wet Look
TravertineProtect any hard scape

Protect any hard scape

Always Fresh
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