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If you have have a bad sealer job done on your brick pavers with an oil- based sealer or an inferior product, then you probably need to have your brick pavers stripped and resealed with a quality water-based sealer. Paver Sealing Vegas offers a paver stripping and sealing serevice to bring your pavers back to life.

To begin, it's a LOT of work! Most oil based sealers go bad after just a few years, and will turn your entire driveway or pool area white. To get sealer out of a porous brick paver is no easy task to say the least. It often takes 3-5 applications of a high grade paint stripper like epoxy remover or Surebond's SureStrip along with serious pressure washing at 4000 psi to get the bad sealer out. It is impossible to remove 100% of the old sealer without causing damage to paver surface, With that said, we bring back the color and give you a fresh start with proper sealing and the ability to layer the sealer for years to come, thus eliminating the whiting and peeling once and for all. 

Our paver stripping service starts at 3.00 per foot plus materials, with a 500 square foot minimum. Let us come out and properly make a proposal, and give you the absolute best option for your specific project. 

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Better Business Bureau Accredited

Better Business Bureau Accredited
Better Business Bureau Accredited
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